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Hours: business at home- call anytime
 We at Legends Bows would like to announce that we can now accept any major credit/debit cards!  
We are also supporters of IBO (International Bowhunters Organization) We are involved in IBO competitions and can understand the custom demands for any competitor.

Our Legends Bows Facebook page is updated daily with more current information regarding bows that are available for instant sale as well as up and coming archery events we will be attending. We highly suggest visiting this page for more up to date information about our company. We are also now on Instagram! Username: legendsbows. Thank You.


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Legends Bows - Bringing the past into the future. Traditional recurve and longbow, take-down bows handcrafted from exotic hardwoods and actionwoods. They are custom made to your draw length and weight preference. Quality and Craftsmanship guaranteed with normal use.
Hello, my name is  Mike Rash and I have been shooting traditional equipment for over thirty five years.  I am now passing on the torch of the business to the second generation, my stepson Bryce Stoskopf.  I believe most shooters would agree with me on what they want, in a bow.  For example, the bow must be smooth without stacking at any draw length, the grip must be comfortable to the hand, and they must be fast but quiet.  I have put all of these qualities into our bows.  Also, our bow's arrow shelves are cut to 1/8" past center, allowing a large variety of arrow choices.  The arrow shelves are also radius to allow very little contact, with the arrow, for better arrow flight.  Every piece of the bow from the limbs to the riser is hand crafted with artistic precision in order to fit the likings of the shooter.  

Legends Bows First Lady-Debbie Rash


Bryce Stoskopf
8664 Milpitas Rd
La Grange, Ca 95329