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    -Designed for your Draw Length and Weight- *
Carbon Laminated Take-down Limbs (adds 6-8ft per second on the average)
We can no longer get Actionwood anymore. 
TORNADO-any exotic wood-$650.
 TORNADO XLT-*with arched footed accents-$650.
MOUNTAIN BOWS -Camo Bows - $450.
NEW LEAF - Exotic Woods with one straight accent- $700.
 SAFARI ELITE - Exotic Woods- $800.
 *with arched footed accents.
CYCLONE LONGBOW- Exotic woods ranging from Bubinga, Bocote, Zebra, East Indian Rosewood and Honduras Rosewood- $650.
MAYAN LONGBOW- This bow is now available in any choice of exotic wood and also with either clear or black galss or both in which we call "Salt and Pepper".  The tip of the belly limbs comes with a extra fadeout just for looks.- $700 

TRADITIONAL TATTOO LONGBOW/RECURVE - We do take request for any specific artwork for these bows as long as it is within reason.  We also are now able to offer the option of color.-$750. 
(new)Spike Youth Recruve- available in Hard Rock Maple with the option of wood stain-$250.
 We are currently accepting check, money order, credit card and cash.
We take phone orders so that your bow can be customized to your specifications.
 Please call Legends Bows- (209) 852-2475 , (209) 404- 7296 , Please leave a message, in case we are in the shop, and we will call you right back